Work In Progress

Hello there,

Working as a VFX artist tends to make me slink away for sections of time, due to work deadlines and such.  It really bothers me when I cannot keep up with all of the stuff I’d like to do, when crunch time happens. But, it’s my chosen field of work and I do love it very much!

Now that I’m on “funemployment” because the project I was previously working on just ended, I have so much I want to study and learn, to advance my work skills. I also want to just create art in general, which I will post here.  I will try to post daily progress, if I can. This way, it will hold me accountable to not get lazy or do all of my gazillion other house projects before taking a moment to post something here.

I decided to go back to my fxPhd class about Digital Matte Painting.  I signed up for this a few years ago, along with a couple of other digital paint/environments/compositing classes.  I found, at the time, that I could not keep up with this particular class, because I hardly knew how to use Photoshop.  I’ve since taken lots of online classes to teach me Photoshop and now as I go over the first fxPhd class again, I do have a much better understanding, phew!

Here is how far I got with my digital online training of Photoshop, so this was from a class and not an original:


I did the elephant one several months ago, towards the end of 2016.  Lately, I have been sitting down with Photoshop and loading images from the internet and practicing layering them together, and manipulating it to create my first matte painting. This one, a work in progress, I did about a month ago:


What I plan to do with this one is to add a nice beach on the right of the scene.  Also, blend that sailboat with the background a lot better. I’ll post this again once I have a finished product.

Here is another one I had been working on:


File format came out tiny, so I see that this is another one of my rookie errors. But what I did was remove cars and telephone poles, etc from the landscape, and added a house to the lower right. It is not yet blended in.

OK, so that is my very beginning stage of learning how to create matte paintings. I also would love to learn how to work in Environments, which means that I’d get to attach my matte paintings to some geometry that I created, as well as possibly my own lighting and camera work. But I will begin with learning the basics first. 🙂


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Artists

I stumbled upon this YouTube video when I was researching tutorials on how to create matte paintings. I found it to be interesting, and I like what the Blender people are doing with making videos to help artists.

We are the creators and dreamers of the world, and if we just sit and do nothing, we don’t contribute anything.  If we just wish for spare time in our busy lives, in order to create original artwork, or music, or stories, or crafts, etc etc etc, we will most likely go to our graves feeling regret for not having accomplished anything we wished for.

I know I am speaking for myself, for sure!! But, I know that others are the same as me.

Anyway, here is the link to the video “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Artists”:


We have to have goals. Something to look forward to, so we can grow as human beings.

I have some goals for the upcoming year, to accomplish in 2017.  Here they are:

  • in one year’s time, I will have 5 original matte paintings to show in a portfolio/reel/website
  • in one year’s time, I will apply for a digital matte painting position at a large studio that has a great, healthy working environment and inspiring projects to work on
  • I will lose another 30 lbs and be in my best physical shape that I’ve ever been in.
  • I will be ready to run a half marathon in a year from now.
  • I will have a new and improved reel (and show it right here!) within 3 months’ time.

I look forward to posting new illustrations, paintings, and drawings in the coming year! Right here, yay!

I’ve decided that my good health, my best relationships, and my career goals are my top priority. Taking care of myself first, then branching outward to help others is the best way.

Much love and joy!

Happy New Year!

Hey there!! It’s been 5 years since my last post.

I actually forgot about this and instantly when I looked at everything and was able to access this again, I want to write again!

I want to continue to share updates with artwork, latest vfx reels, as well as future ideas for projects and also some stories.  I want to write about some past adventures I’ve had, any present ones and also about all the things I’ve learned in the last 5 yrs or so.  Let’s see how this evolves, and maybe it will just be me writing a journal to myself. That’s fine, too.

This is great!!  I am very blessed.  What a great start to the new year, 2017!!!

The picture below is a photo I took in 2005 at the Brewery artwalk open house.



I decided that I want to get back into traditional painting as well as learning how to use Photoshop to create purty pictures.

As I stare at my stacks of unfinished paintings on my drawing table, I realize that I am just leaving clutter and I’ll never really get back to ‘fixing’ these half-assed works.  I’m cutting the cord and throwing them out.  They’re junky and clunky.

I scanned a couple of them, to keep images of the parts that I do like about the paintings.  But now that I’ve done this, I am chucking them.  Kind of a relief, really.

I wanted to post the parts that I scanned.


Oh and I started working on another piece in Photoshop- a nice landscape.  I’ll post again when I’ve finished.


My first portrait done in Photoshop

   I’ve been learning how to use Photoshop lately, and on the side I decided to work on stuff that I choose to do as well.  I used a photo as a reference but painted this all myself, to practice using the tools and brushes.  I think I like it a lot.  It’s like painting in oils but not messy!!

More to follow.  I may attempt to go ahead and try doing a matte painting tutorial and get some practice and hopefully have some stuff ready for my portfolio.  I’ll post those as I go along and learn.  It’s fun being a student again!

Having fun learning Photoshop

OK, so I’ve been taking advantage of my time off by learning Photoshop.  I have the “Digital Classroom” book and going along with the lessons.  I have a feeling that this is really a valuable thing that I’m doing.  I also decided to paint some portraits in Photoshop just to get used to using their brushes and other tools.  I’m having fun with it so far!!!!

I’m posting a silly picture that I did in a lesson about resizing and layers and file formats.  The one of the barn.  And I’m also posting a work-in-progress I’m doing for fun, the portrait of an Indian that I’m copying freestyle from a National Geographic pic I found.

Finding my passion… and becoming a student again.

My husband has been asking me ever since we started dating, why don’t I paint anymore?  When will I paint something on my own time??

I’ve been trying to come up with an answer ever since.  Am I afraid of failure?  Afraid of success?  What’s going on?  Why don’t I create more, have I become complacent?

I think that after I started working professionally as an artist, and putting in very long hours working for someone else, somehow I lost my drive to do my own work.  I’ve been unemployed for 4 months now, and I am finally getting my drive back.  Why have I let myself get so distracted?  I love making art, it IS one of my passions, but I haven’t been doing anything about it.  I haven’t been advancing my talent and skills in a long while.  Sure, I try to draw in my sketchbook and would go to life drawing classes when I worked at Sony and ILM (where they offered it for free for employees).  But where’s the fire?  I feel my passion growing again.  I feel the fire being rekindled.  This is a blessing, to be laid off from work at this point in my life.