Hi, welcome to my page.  My name is Dawn and I’m a visual effects artist.  I love what I do.  My specialty is doing 2D paint and rotoscoping for many different features and the work gets more challenging with each project I get the privilege to work on.  I keep learning new techniques and improve as the years and projects go by.

Unfortunately, most of the roto/paint work these days is outsourced to places like India, Malaysia and China.  Plus, tax incentives have made other visual effects work more enticing for vfx studios to put up shops in places like Vancouver & London.  While I’d like to see what it’s like to be among my nomadic work buddies and move from country to country or even to different U.S. states, my home is with my husband in Los Angeles.

Which brings me to think about other vfx artist jobs inside the industry, that perhaps I can move forward to something I’ve always wanted to do:  become a matte painter.

I started this blog thinking it could be a way to showcase my current work to show potential employers, like an online website with my resume and reel.  Now I realize that I want this to document my progress from roto/paint to digital matte painter.  I have confidence that I can do it and will enjoy the process.   Here we go…

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