We have to have goals. Something to look forward to, so we can grow as human beings.

I have some goals for the upcoming year, to accomplish in 2017.  Here they are:

  • in one year’s time, I will have 5 original matte paintings to show in a portfolio/reel/website
  • in one year’s time, I will apply for a digital matte painting position at a large studio that has a great, healthy working environment and inspiring projects to work on
  • I will lose another 30 lbs and be in my best physical shape that I’ve ever been in.
  • I will be ready to run a half marathon in a year from now.
  • I will have a new and improved reel (and show it right here!) within 3 months’ time.

I look forward to posting new illustrations, paintings, and drawings in the coming year! Right here, yay!

I’ve decided that my good health, my best relationships, and my career goals are my top priority. Taking care of myself first, then branching outward to help others is the best way.

Much love and joy!

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