Finding my passion… and becoming a student again.

My husband has been asking me ever since we started dating, why don’t I paint anymore?  When will I paint something on my own time??

I’ve been trying to come up with an answer ever since.  Am I afraid of failure?  Afraid of success?  What’s going on?  Why don’t I create more, have I become complacent?

I think that after I started working professionally as an artist, and putting in very long hours working for someone else, somehow I lost my drive to do my own work.  I’ve been unemployed for 4 months now, and I am finally getting my drive back.  Why have I let myself get so distracted?  I love making art, it IS one of my passions, but I haven’t been doing anything about it.  I haven’t been advancing my talent and skills in a long while.  Sure, I try to draw in my sketchbook and would go to life drawing classes when I worked at Sony and ILM (where they offered it for free for employees).  But where’s the fire?  I feel my passion growing again.  I feel the fire being rekindled.  This is a blessing, to be laid off from work at this point in my life.

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